Cooper's Photography is a small family business that LOVES Motorsport. From Karting all the way through to Formula 1, if it moves, we shoot it!

A passion for photography and motorsport matched with a strong work ethic and a desire for perfection, Cooper's photography work to capture memorable moments that will last a life time.


Gary Cooper

From the age of 2, Gary was exposed to the motorsport attending speedway race meetings with his father. At the age of 12 he started attending race meetings with camera in hand, from that moment on his career was set.

Now many, many years later Gary looks on with great memories of photographing the original Tasman Series with Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Frank Matich, Frank Gardner and Sir Jack Brabham. Catalina Park, Katoomba photographing Frank Matich , the Geoghegan Brothers, Bob Jane and Norm Beechey. As well as the Speedway at the show grounds and westmead with drivers like Andy McGavin, John Harvey, Johnny Stewart and the late Jeff Freeman.

Through all of his experiences Gary believes his passion for motorsport can be summed up in one word…….Senna.

Enthusiastic, excited and completely immersed in motorsport, Gary is at a racetrack every weekend.


Gordon Cooper

Following in his fathers footsteps Gordon was also exposed to motorsport at a very early age watching such greats as Dick Johnson and Peter Brock race at Oran Park. 

In his early 20's Gordon joined his father and began his professional career as a motorsport photographer. Gordon passion for photographing motorsport has seen him cover the biggest events in Australia as well  international events in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.


Sarah Cooper

Although never picking up a camera one of the most recognised faces of Cooper's photography is Sarah. With extensive experience in sales and marketing Sarah has always been at the forefront of the business and enjoys sharing in the highs and lows of drivers, teams and all people involved in motorsport. After many  years in the sport, Sarah has seen so many of Australia's top drivers climb their way to the top of motorsport, sharing the joy when they achieve there goals and life long dreams.



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